The Institute of Social Sciences Portuguese Voting Behaviour programme began in 2001 with the purpose of providing a systematic, longitudinal and comparative analysis of the political attitudes and behaviour of Portuguese citizens.

With a team of researchers from the areas of sociology, political science, history and social psychology, the Portuguese Voting Behaviour programme puts Portugal on the map of electoral studies, having already produced three post-election surveys (2002, 2005 and 2006) and is preparing a fourth to take place in 2009. In addition, this research programme has contributed towards the retrieval of important information in respect of political attitudes and behaviour in Portugal since it turned to democracy at the end of the twentieth century, saving it from being forgotten and making it available to several audiences.

The Portuguese Voting Behaviour programme, consisting of the “Portuguese Voting Behaviour and Political Attitudes” (2001-2005) and “The Contexts of Political Behaviour” (2006-2010) projects, is responsible for the organisation of several scientific conferences on themes linked to voting behaviour, as well as for the publication (in Portugal and elsewhere) of books, chapters and articles on the attitudes and political behaviour of the Portuguese.

Recent Activities