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Portuguese electoral

The Portuguese Electoral Behavior program is responsible for carrying out post-election surveys since 2002. These surveys have allowed us to characterise the Portuguese voter, to understand electoral change, as well as place Portuguese electoral behaviour in a comparative context.

Election studies data

Since 2002, the CEP has been responsible for implementing post-election surveys following legislative elections.


Over the last two decades we have been responsible for publishing (in Portugal and abroad) books, chapters and articles on Portuguese political attitudes and behavior.

Related projects

The CEP is integrated in two international projects based in the USA, namely the CSES (Comparative Study of Election Systems) as well as the CNEP (Comparative National Elections Project), giving a comparative dimension to the data collected in Portugal, and ensuring its dissemination.


Currently, the CEP is financed by FCT ( through the PASSDA infrastructure (

Since 2002, we have had financing from the entities listed below: